Dr. Robert A. Williams, Jr.

President of Preaching Is My Business



Dr. Williams and his wife Debbie Williams

Current Ministry

Pastor, McCoy Memorial Baptist Church

802 East 46th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90011

Office: (323) 231-4271 Fax: (323) 231-0536

E-Mail Address:




California Graduate School of Theology

Ph. D., Theological Studies

Master of Divinity, Theological Studies


Knighted a ”Kentucky Colonel“  1984 by Governor Collins of the State of


Numerous Awards and Certifications from various national and international organizations



Los Angeles District Association

Western Baptist State Convention

National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.

Los Angeles Police Clergy Council

President of WHW Ministries, Inc.

(A ministry that teaches pastors and preachers expository sermon techniques)


Global Ministries:

Preached throughout the United States, West Indies, Europe and Jamaica

Keynote Speaker, Gulf Coast Keswick Convention (the 4th African-American

Keynote Speaker in the organization’s 100-year history)

Speaker and member, Southern Baptist Evangelism Conference

Keynote Speaker at Southwestern Seminary (largest Seminary in the world),

both National Conventions, and multiple educational institutions.



A native of Houston, Texas, Pastor Williams is married to Debra D. Williams, and has two daughters: Trina & Gabrielle.


Church Ministry:

McCoy is recognized as a Prayer minded, Bible regulated, Christ centered church that ”finds the sinner, fetches them, feeds them and fences them.“

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